Keep Your Engine Clean and Safe

Keep Your Engine Clean and Safe

Come in for check engine light diagnostics in Waterville, ME

Is your car driving poorly? Has that annoying orange symbol returned to your dash? Paine-Less Automotive Repair performs check engine light diagnostics at our Waterville, ME auto repair shop.

Your check engine light might come on due to something as simple as a loose gas cap or as complicated as a failing catalytic converter. Don't ignore your car's warning sign. Bring it in today for check engine light diagnostics.

Keep your engine in optimal condition with a car filter replacement

A dirty air filter doesn't let enough air into your engine, creating serious long-term problems for your vehicle. A simple car filter replacement can save you a lot of trouble without costing a lot of money.

When you bring your car to Paine-Less Automotive Repair, we can also complete:

  • Belt and hose replacements
  • Cooling system maintenance
  • Fuel and ignition system repairs

Don't drive with a clogged car filter. Get a replacement at our Waterville, Maine shop today.